Chip, the Enchanted Rose and everything in between

We have worked with every effect in this show from Chip’s cart (our cart design is amazing!) to the rose, beast transformations and various ways of giving the enchantress her magical abilities.

We know the show well and everything that comes with doing a magic-packed Disney production like this one. We’ve got the know-how and experience to take the stress off your shoulders and amaze your audiences.

Theatre goers are willing to suspend their disbelief, but it’s extra special when they simply don’t have to!

Magic Executed Perfectly.

Beauty and the Beast as a ton of magic effects baked right into the story. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t come with explanations of how to pull them off. This forces most theatre companies to either cut the effects or give up the wow factor to pull it off.

We provide effects solutions that are practical, reliable and they look great all the way from row A to the booth.

We can help you with design, documentation, scenic design, effects design, fabrication and magic training to help your production come to life.

In this e-book, you learn how to build and perform many of the key effects for Beauty and the Beast.

The following effects have been created for Beauty and the Beast and are outlined in this ebook.

  • The Floating Enchanted Rose Prop
  • The Chip Cart
  • The Enchantresses Fire 1: Fire from Hands
  • The Enchantresses Fire 2: Flash Staff
  • Beast Transformation 1: Mock Levitation
  • Beast Transformation 2: Shadow Morph

Each effect is described first in construction and then in how to perform the effect. All of the major details are provided for each of these original magical creations for Beauty and the Beast.

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