Special Effects

We provide expert effects design, fabrication and consulting, adding over 25 years of magic and effects expertise to your creative team.

Audiences are willing to suspend their disbelief, but it’s our job to make sure they don’t have to.

We create practical special effects solutions for theatre productions looking to add some visual magic to the show. Almost any magical idea can be realized on stage in some form. It’s all about combining theatrical techniques and stage illusion methods to weave together the best possible solution that will look great from the front row to the last and can withstand hundreds of performances.

Just a handful of our past projects include:

  • Over 30 effects for productions of Mary Poppins
  • Pinocchio’s growing nose for Shrek, The Musical
  • Flying Bats and levitations in Dracula
  • The Chip Cart, Beast Transformations and more for Beauty and the Beast

Special Effects for Mary Poppins

We have designed and built every effect (plus extras) for over a dozen productions of Mary Poppins. We know this show better than anyone!

Special Effects for Beauty And The Beast


We have many options for Beauty and the Beast productions. Whether you want to hire us to work with you, buy the effects ebook or rent the rose, we’ve got a solution for you.