We are pleased to offer fabrication services for set pieces, custom props or magic effects. We do wood, metal work and 3D printing in-house at our workshop.

Our custom pieces are often driven by a design that we have done, but we’re also happy to work with you and your creative team to build to your specifications.

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How We Build

A quick look at the primary materials we employ.


Using traditional methods going back hundreds of years, we build the bulk of our theatre sets out of wood. Often, the bones of the structure is wood with other materials used for specialty items as they’re needed.


Yes, we weld! Chris Stolz was taught by a master scenic builder. Steel is often used for pieces requiring extra strength, particularly in the magic world.

3D Printing (Plastic)

With the advent of 3D Printing technologies, we are able to print small specialty pieces. Whether it’s a template for a build or that replica weapon or doorknob, we can design and print working props ready for paint.

Why Us?


When it comes down to it, it just has to work. Goal number one is to ensure that everything we produce works each and every time. This applies to everything from moving parts and electronics to simply choosing the right hinge for the job that will stand up to repeated use. Everything is taken into account to ensure that you can focus less on the props and more on the performance.


When we build, we think ahead. We think about poor cargo handlers, over enthusiastic stage crew and shows traveling in a vehicle that’s probably 2 or 3 sizes too small. Our props are solidly built and ready to take on the challenges of touring and rough handling.

Built to Spec

Much of our fabrication work is a result of our design and consulting work. Because the blueprints came from us, you know that the final product will be built exactly as it was intended. When a prop was not originally conceived by us, we take great care to produce architectural drawings and/or 3D renderings to ensure that all dimensions and moving parts look exactly the way you want them to look.