We are, at our core, a theatrical design company. Everything we do involves some elements of design whether we’re creating an entire world from scratch with a set design or working out who something will go together mechanically.

Our sets and effects have won numerous awards, including two THEA Awards, awarded by Theatre Ontario (Best Set Design for Oklahoma and Outstanding Technical Achievement for The Who’s Tommy) along with a couple nominations over the years.

We Design Things To be Used

We look at how the piece needs to be used, moved and where it will be stored well before we decide what it will look like. A lot can decided simply due to how the actors need to interact with it, especially when there are moving pieces involved. There are also technical considerations that we look at. For instance if a set piece needs to be flown, the design needs to incorporate where the pickup points will be and ensure that the piece will fit between the neighboring pipes.

There’s a lot to consider, but we have done this so many times that we’re well aware of the considerations and questions to be asked.

A Digital Workflow

3D is perhaps the most integral part of our entire workflow. We do almost everything in 3D first, allowing us to see how elements will work together in the real world to work out the kinks before touching a drill. This saves a lot of time and money in the long run as it helps us see potential costly mistakes early on in the design process.

It is also an important part of the approval process. Some directors just need to see how all of the details will come together, particularly if the concept is more abstract.

Just how real can 3D get? The answer is “it depends”, but when we really want to, we can fool an entire production meeting into believing they’re looking at photos from a previous production.

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