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What We Create


We’ve built sets big and small for plays, musicals and variety acts. Our sets range from your typical box set for a drama to more complex elements like revolving stages, electronics and built-in special effects.

Special Effects

We design and build practical visual effects. We believe that audiences should see real effects live. You won’t see any green screen here! We give Mary Poppins her magic and help Pinocchio’s nose grow.


We love building specialty props. We the addition of our 3D printing capabilities, we have significantly upped our game! We can design and build almost anything and we love a challenge.

Grand Illusion

Magicians come to us for stage illusions because we can lead the entire process end to end. From consulting and design, right through to fabrication. Our illusions can be seen on stages worldwide.

How We Create it


We provide expert theatrical and effects design services. Not only do we design award winning sets, but we’ll tell you how to blow them up too.

3D Rendering

We offer stunning 3D Design, Modeling and Rendering Services.  3D serves as a powerful tool, saving time and money before the build.


We are pleased to offer fabrication services for set pieces, custom props or magic effects. We work with all types of materials in-house at our workshop

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