Mary Poppins Magic Cake


Mary Poppins picks up the cake cover and places it over the partially-iced, brown chocolate cake.  When she removes it, the cake is beautifully iced and decorated!

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This is the cover version of our iced cake effect, perfect for those situations when you are performing in the round or need to change the cake on an ordinary table.  You can even have an actor hold the cake while Mary places and removed the cover to make the change.

The cake and cover are all made of plastic and are brilliantly painted. The workings are perfectly simple, which means that there are no clips, magnets, velcro or moving parts to jam or get in the way during a show. It is completely under your control at all times without the risk of ever failing on you.

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Dimensions 31.5 × 30.8 × 15.8 cm


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