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The Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast has been one of the staples of our prop work for the last several years, a version of which appears in our Beauty and the Beast Effects book. Now, you can rent our fully re-imagined version to add some incredible magic to your production.

Our Enchanted Rose is electronic and can be operated from off stage. With our Enchanted Rose, there are no clips or magnets to fail like some other RC versions we have seen.

  • Electronic! Simply run the black cord offstage, plug it in backstage and operate it from the wing.
  • No magnets! Petals are not held on by clips or magnets to ensure they fall reliably every time.
  • The plastic cover is removable.
  • The dome is 9″ tall and 7″ in diameter. The base footprint is 12″ x 12″.

How Does This Rental Rose Differ From The eBook?

The Beauty and the Beast Effects book contains a floating Enchanted Rose which can be built and operated manually from on stage.

Aside form the fact that we’ve done the work and built it for you, the rental rose is much more heavy duty. Cables have been replaced with flexible control rods which are pulled by high quality metal gear servos. These motors are controlled from off stage. The electronic version can be operated from anywhere you can run the cable, whereas the book version must be operated from reasonably close to the rose itself. The only real difference to the audience, is that the book version has the option of appearing to float, provided you have a set piece or wall behind it.

Our recommendation is to get both! The book contains instructions to make many of the other props in the show, not just the Enchanted Rose. You’ll also learn how to make things like our awesome Chip Cart illusion.


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