Crystal Clear Prediction Chest


The world’s only see-through prediction chest in which the magician touches NOTHING!


p>The Ultimate Automatic Prediction Chest

Created by Chris Stolz
Fabrication & Design by Peter Loughran


The performer introduces a folded piece of paper that contains a prediction he has made and written down prior to the show. A freely chosen volunteer is selected (no stooges are used). A heavy duty secure lock box is introduced that has a clear see through window door.

The prediction is sealed inside the envelope by the performer or the volunteer. The Volunteer now places the envelope inside the chest. They Velcro it to the back wall so it will remain in full view the entire performance. The Volunteer locks the clear window door locking the prediction in behind glass. They also keep the keys.

The chest is hoisted high into the air where it will remain suspended in full view for the duration of the show. During the rest of the show, the performer collects random thoughts from the audience. When the show is nearing the end, the chest is lowered back down and the volunteer is asked to come back up with the keys to the chest, and unlock it.

They not only unlock the chest, but they also remove the envelope themselves and open it. The performer never goes inside the chest at any time, and never has to touch the envelope. The volunteer tears open the sealed envelope and unfolds the paper inside that reveals the random thoughts collected from the audience and everything matches 100 %.

Crystal Clear comes complete with instructions and sample routines. Supply your own table base.  Optional ATA Flight Case – $250.00 USD.  All purchases are direct from the builder.

“Finally there is a prediction chest completely different from the others out there! A devious and clever method with outstanding craftsmanship!”
– Luca Volpe


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