4 Way Split Illusion


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An original sawing illusion created by Chris Stolz.  A rectangular box rests on top of an attractive looking table.  An assistant squeezes into this small box and 6 blades are inserted, cutting the box is cut into four separate sections.  The two center boxes are removed and placed on small shelves off to the sides of the 2 outer boxes creating an awesome looking display of box sections. The entire table is spun around to show all four sides, the middle boxes are replaced, the blades are removed, and the assistant steps out completely unharmed.

  • Almost entirely aliminum and beautifully powder-coated.  This thing is tough!
  • No bolts!  It all slots together and locks into place.
  • One of the most comfortable illusions for any assistant to be in.  This fit a busty 5’4″ assistant extremely easily.
  • This model was only used in one show, otherwise it’s been safely inside the case.  It’s basically new!

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